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    Meet The 2016 Have A Heart Bachelors!

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    Chad, 35

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: CK1
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Clark Kent
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Fred Jones from Scooby Doo
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Fishing
    Accomplishment?: Personal records for races that I have ran
    Animal?: Dog
    Quote?: Success does not come to you, you go to it
    Obsession?: Running and watches
    Curse Word?: SOB!
    Local Indulgence?: anywhere in Crocker Park where I live
    CLE pastime: 2007 Cleveland Sports
    First Date Spot?: Any place with a nice patio or city view
    Local Destination?: Alley Cat
    Place To Visit?: Greece
    Food/Meal?: Scallops or a good steak
    Drink?: Old Fashioned
    Style of Clothing?: Custom Suit or Lulu Lemon apparel
    Season?: Fall
    President?: Ronald Reagan
    Radio Station?: Chill Station on Sirius Radio
    Movie?: Shawshank Redemption
    TV Show?: House of Cards
    Commercial?: Mayhem
    Celebrity Crush?: Eva
    Book/Author?: Malcom Gladwell and Dalai Lama
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Frank Sinatra
    App?: Uber
    Hashtag?: #LifeisGood
    Game?: To watch: Football To Play: Golf
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Running/hiking/water skiing
    Inside Activity?: Cooking and watching a movie
    Holiday?: Halloween
    Gift to Receive?: Original and Personal
    Pick Up Line?: None really....I wear my heart on my sleeve
    Trait?: wittiness
    Sound?: waves crashing
    Scent?: classy women's perfume
    Body Part?: legs
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: neck

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    Christopher, 26

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Batman

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Family Guy


    Quote?:The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.


    Local Indulgence?:West Side Market

    CLE pastime:Tribe

    First Date Spot?:Crocker Park

    Place To Visit?:Chicago


    Drink?:Dublin Mule



    Radio Station?:Spotify

    Movie?:He Got Game

    TV Show?:Family Guy

    Celebrity Crush?:Blake Lively

    Book/Author?:The Great Gatsby

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Jay-Z



    Game?:Call of Duty

    Theme Park?:Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?:Basketball

    Inside Activity?:Basketball


    Gift to Receive?:Shoes

    Pick Up Line?:Don't Tell Me if You Want Me to Take You Out to Dinner. Just Smile for Yes, or Do a Backflip for No.



    Scent?:Real Christmas Tree

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    Connor, 26

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Con
    Color?: Green
    Super Hero?: Batman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Family Guy
    Accomplishment?: Starting a business
    Animal?: lion
    Quote?: Build your dreams or someone will hire you to help build theirs.
    Obsession?: Goals
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: sushi
    CLE pastime: 2015 Cavs Playoffs
    First Date Spot?: Erie Island Coffee
    Local Destination?: Whiskey Island
    Place To Visit?: Vegas
    Food/Meal?: Sushi
    Drink?: Water
    Style of Clothing?: Business Casual
    Season?: Summer
    President?: Washington
    Radio Station?: Spotify
    Movie?: Wolf Of Wall Street
    TV Show?: The Profit
    Celebrity Crush?: mila kunis
    Book/Author?: Dan Kennedy
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Dave Matthews - Funny the way it is
    App?: Instagram
    Hashtag?: #cleveland
    Game?: Golf
    Theme Park?: Ceadar Point
    Outside Activity?: Boating
    Inside Activity?: Cooking
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: a real connection
    Pick Up Line?: What is your name because you are absolutely gorgeous.
    Trait?: laughing
    Sound?: waterfall
    Scent?: fresh cut grass
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: neck

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    Corey, 42

    What's Your Favorite?...


    Super Hero?:The Hulk

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Archer

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Camping w my family

    Accomplishment?:Winning President's Club

    Animal?:German Shepard

    Quote?:Good to be alive

    Obsession?:Working out

    Curse Word?:F---

    Local Indulgence?:Ice cream

    CLE pastime:Sporting events

    Local Destination?:Tremont

    Place To Visit?:Las Vegas



    Style of Clothing?:Casual



    TV Show?:Game of thrones

    Commercial?:Puppy monkey baby


    Theme Park?:Cedar point

    Outside Activity?:Volleyball, football

    Inside Activity?:Blackjack



    Sound?:The ocean

    Scent?:The ocean

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:Mouth

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    Dan DeRoos, 40

    Channel 19 News

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?:News Man Dan


    Super Hero?:"I'm Batman"

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Winnie the Pooh

    Memory From Your Childhood?:neighborhood baseball


    Animal?:childhood dog

    Quote?:"To live life alone is to have written a solo, but to live life with others is to have written a concerto."

    Obsession?:Hawkeye football

    Curse Word?:There's no way I can f-ing type it here.

    Local Indulgence?:Westside Market Gyro

    CLE pastime:Beer and baseball

    First Date Spot?:Anywhere with a patio

    Local Destination?:Cleveland Museum of Art

    Place To Visit?:Hawaii (Maui)


    Drink?:Blue Carnival Water (Dina's)

    Style of Clothing?:Shorts, un-tucked button-up shirt, sleeves rolled up, baseball ready

    Season?:Fall (bring on the football!)

    President?:Anyone who lowers my taxes

    Radio Station?:One that plays country, rock and Sinatra

    Movie?:Field of Dream (I'm an Iowa boy)

    TV Show?:House of Cards

    Commercial?:Whichever one doesn't have Flo in it! Tired of Flo!

    Celebrity Crush?:Charlize Theron

    Book/Author?:The book I'm writing....

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Knee Deep, Zac Brown

    App?:Bejewled. Awesome stress reliever


    Game?:Love college FOOTBALL

    Theme Park?:Easy...CP

    Outside Activity?:Golf

    Inside Activity?:Can't type it here

    Holiday?:4th of July. Grilling, beer and fireworks

    Gift to Receive?:Anything Iowa football

    Pick Up Line?:Don't use them. Confident enough to just walk up to a woman and say hello.

    Trait?:Love being tall

    Sound?:Someone laughing...with me.

    Scent?:Any perfume...love a woman who smells good.

    Body Part?:Yes.

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:Often.

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    Dan, 35

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Fife
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Spiderman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Lion king
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Catching frogs
    Accomplishment?: Skydiving
    Animal?: Jaguar
    Quote?: If you live you live in the past you die in the future
    Obsession?: Working out
    Curse Word?:Damn

    Local Indulgence?: Mallys chocolate
    CLE pastime: Boating on the lake
    First Date Spot?: Sushi bar
    Local Destination?: Lake / metroparks

    Place To Visit?: Any place with a beach
    Food/Meal?: Sushi
    Drink?: Manhattan
    Style of Clothing?: Casual
    Season?: Summer
    President?: Clinton
    Radio Station?: 99.1
    Movie?: Cool hand luke
    TV Show?: Seinfeld
    Commercial?: Old spice
    Celebrity Crush?: Mila kunis
    Book/Author?: Jack Karowack On the Road
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Classic Rock
    Game?: Halo
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Biking
    Inside Activity?: The PG version? Reading I guess....
    Holiday?: Thanksgiving
    Gift to Receive?: Clothes
    Trait?: Eyes
    Sound?: The ocean
    Scent?: Suncreen
    Body Part?: Butt
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Neck

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    David, 34

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Mr. Electric
    Color?: blue
    Super Hero?: superman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Roger rabbit
    Memory From Your Childhood?: summer vacations to Myrtle Beach each year
    Accomplishment?: all of my accomplishments are my favorite...not on sticks out more than the other
    Animal?: eagle
    Quote?: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" Walt Disney
    Obsession?: summer sand volleyball
    Curse Word?: Damn it
    Local Indulgence?: chipoltle
    CLE pastime: boating and jetskiing
    First Date Spot?: Pier W
    Local Destination?: whiskey island and edgewater park
    Place To Visit?: the Bahamas
    Food/Meal?: Sushi
    Drink?: Stoli Elite on the rocks
    Style of Clothing?: express form fitting
    Season?: summer
    President?: John f. Kennedy
    Station?: don't really have one
    Movie?: Rounders
    TV Show?: Deadliest catch
    Celebrity Crush?: Jennifer Aniston
    Book/Author?: Michael Crichton
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Linkin park
    App?: google
    Game?: Mario cart
    Theme Park?: Cedar point
    Outside Activity?: volleyball
    Inside Activity?: use your imagination
    Holiday?: fourth of July
    Gift to Receive?: watches
    Pick Up Line?: People call me Dave but you can call me Tonight
    Trait?: just all around fun
    Sound?: birds on a sunny morning
    Scent?: very sec by Victorias secret
    Body Part?: butt
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: neck and chest

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    Jason, 35

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname? Chuck Norris

    Color?: Blue

    Super Hero?: Chuck Norris

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Cartman from Southpark

    Accomplishment?: I wouldn't do the volunteer work I do if it wasn't for the work that I do, so both.

    Animal?: Liger

    Obsession?: Cooking, I'm the kitchen gangster

    Curse Word?: Fuck

    Local Indulgence?: Phom Phenh

    CLE pastime: Sports, any of them. And tailgating before and after.

    Local Destination?: Whiskey Island

    Place To Visit?: Maldives

    Food/Meal?: Peanut Butter and Jelly on wheat bread with chocolate milk

    Drink?: Tito's and Tonic with a lime

    Style of Clothing?: I rock a lot of suits. Always a jacket and tie.

    Season?: Football Season

    President?: JFK

    Radio Station?: 96.5

    Movie?: Goodfellas

    Commercial?: The banned Skittles commercial.

    Book/Author?: John Steinbeck

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Gangster Rap

    App?: Wheedle

    Game?: Football

    Theme Park?: Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?: Day drinking

    Inside Activity?: Cooking

    Holiday?: Thanksgiving

    Gift to Receive?: I don't like gifts

    Trait?: Smile

    Sound?: Rain

    Scent?: After it rains

    Body Part?: Mouth

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: The neck

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    Jeff Tanchak, 44

    Chief Meterologist, WOIO

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Wonder Woman

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Flinstones

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Holidays with family

    Accomplishment?:Becoming a Chief Meteorologist


    Quote?:You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory


    Curse Word?:Dammit

    Local Indulgence?:Tilted Kilt for wings (Yes for the wings)

    CLE pastime:Indians

    First Date Spot?:Dinner then Hilarities for a comedy show

    Local Destination?:Progressive Field

    Place To Visit?:Jamaica

    Food/Meal?:Good steak dinner

    Drink?:Beer (I'm simple)

    Style of Clothing?:Jeans and a short sleeve shirt


    President?:Abraham Lincoln

    Radio Station?:Q 104

    Movie?:Anything with Steven Segal in it

    TV Show?:48 Hours Mystery

    Commercial?:Budweiser commercials

    Celebrity Crush?:Daniela Ruah from NCIS Los Angeles

    Book/Author?:The Bone Lady

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Van Halen

    App?:Cleveland 19 News First Alert Weather App.


    Game?:Candy Land

    Theme Park?:Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?:Golf

    Inside Activity?:Cuddling

    Holiday?:New Years

    Gift to Receive?:Money

    Pick Up Line?:Do you date meteorologists?

    Trait?:Always on time

    Sound?:loud, cheering fans at a game

    Scent?:A womans hair after the shower

    Body Part?:The Behind

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:In Bed

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    Kevin, 26

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Wolverine

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Wile E. Coyote

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Catching my first fish with my Dad

    Accomplishment?:Scuba diving 130ft. deep in the Great Blue Hole in Belize

    Animal?:Hammerhead Shark

    Quote?:Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack


    Curse Word?:Dag Nabbit!

    Local Indulgence?:Honey Hut Ice Cream

    CLE pastime:Local live music, tailgating, and the metroparks

    First Date Spot?:Picnic in the park

    Local Destination?:House of Blues for a good concert

    Place To Visit?:St. Goar in the German Rhine Valley

    Food/Meal?:Legit Margherita Pizza

    Drink?:Irish Car Bomb

    Style of Clothing?:Denim and Leather


    President?:Harrison Ford in Air Force One

    Radio Station?:100.7 The Buzzard

    Movie?:Point Break

    TV Show?:Seinfeld

    Commercial?:Messing with Sasquatch

    Celebrity Crush?:Eva Mendes

    Book/Author?:The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:"Travelin' Man" by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band




    Theme Park?:Universal Studios

    Outside Activity?:Snowboarding when it's cold and scuba diving or riding my motorcycle when it's warm

    Inside Activity?:Cooking and listening to good music

    Holiday?:Fourth of July

    Gift to Receive?:Something funny, random, and completely out of the blue

    Pick Up Line?:Have you been sitting in sugar? Because that's a sweet ass



    Scent?:Fresh Apple Pie

    Body Part?:A woman's eyes

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:On my neck while you're on the back of my motorcycle, like that scene in Top Gun

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    Larry, 34

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Hulk

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Stan from American Dad

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Skiing in New Mexico

    Accomplishment?:Honorable discharge from the Marine Corps

    Animal?:Eagle, bald or otherwise

    Quote?:"Larry, believe it or not, the most important 6 inches in life is between your ears"

    Obsession?:eh..not really "obsessed" with anything

    Curse Word?: Cockholster as in "Shut your cockholster"

    Local Indulgence?:Craps at the casino

    CLE pastime: Indians games in the summer

    First Date Spot?:East 4th is always a good time

    Local Destination?:Cedar Point

    Place To Visit?:San Diego



    Style of Clothing?:yoga pants on a woman!



    Radio Station?:Spotify

    Movie?:The Big Lebowski

    TV Show?:Workaholics

    Commercial?:Droppin Dimes with Kevin Love

    Celebrity Crush?:Scarlett Johansson

    Book/Author?:I hope they Serve Beer in Hell

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Guilty Pleasure by Bryce Vine

    Game?:Super Mario Cart

    Theme Park?:Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?:Golfing

    Inside Activity?:Bowling

    Holiday?:4th of July

    Gift to Receive?:Jobs...get it?

    Pick Up Line?:Are you from Tennessee? No? Why? Cuz you're the only Ten I see


    Sound?:Tree frogs


    Body Part?:tha booty!

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:Neck below ear...game over.

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    Matt, 27

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Sunshine

    Color?: Green

    Super Hero?: Never got into comic books or video games

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Fox and the Hound

    Memory From Your Childhood?: Grandfather teaching me about gardening and plants

    Accomplishment?: Grandma telling me my cooking was good

    Animal?: Cheetah

    Quote?: Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but won't get you anywhere. Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family

    Obsession?: Travel

    Curse Word?: Too hard to pick

    Local Indulgence?: Going out on Lake Erie

    CLE pastime: Fishing Lake Erie

    First Date Spot?: Park and ice cream

    Local Destination?: Little Italy

    Place To Visit?: France/Italy

    Food/Meal?: Chicken piccata

    Drink?: Tequila

    Style of Clothing?: Flannels

    Season?: Summer

    President?: Teddy Roosevelt

    Radio Station?: 99.1

    Movie?: Shawshank Redemption

    Commercial?: Cookie Monster one

    Celebrity Crush?: Mila Kunis

    Book/Author?: I really like short stories

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Depends, but rock and country mostly

    App?: Uber

    Game?: Battleship

    Outside Activity?: Running/gardening. I'm always outside

    Inside Activity?: Cooking

    Holiday?: Easter or Christmas Eve- they have the best meals

    Gift to Receive?: Chocolate

    Pick Up Line?: Hello

    Trait?: Funny

    Scent?: Roses

    Body Part?: Lips

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Lips

    broken image

    Michael, 28

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?:Alot of Michael's in my group of friends so we all go by our last names


    Super Hero?:Superman

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Dragon Ball Z

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Trampoline backyard battles!!

    Accomplishment?:ESPN Internship


    Quote?:Clear Eye's Full Hearts Can't Lose


    Curse Word?:F word

    Local Indulgence?:Pizza by Robert

    CLE pastime:90's Indians

    First Date Spot?:I do not re-use old first date spots with a new person. I look to start something new that will be our own.

    Local Destination?:Butcher and Brewer

    Place To Visit?:Vegas

    Food/Meal?:Chicken Cacciatore

    Drink?:Gatorade Lime

    Style of Clothing?:T-Shirt and Jeans



    Radio Station?:Sirius XM ESPN/College Sports

    Movie?:For Love of the Game

    TV Show?:Sopranos

    Commercial?:Dos Equis Most Interesting Man

    Celebrity Crush?:Kate Beckinsale

    Book/Author?:Brave New World / The Count of Monte Cristo

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Fav Song: Billy Joel - Big Shot/ Fav Artist: Brad Paisley


    Hashtag?: #ALLin216

    Game?:Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

    Theme Park?:Disney Parks

    Outside Activity?:Anything sports related or cookout with friends/family

    Inside Activity?:Relaxing watching a great movie/tv show


    Gift to Receive?:My family and friends

    Pick Up Line?:too cheesy for me


    Sound?:crackling of a fire when your kicking it with friends

    Scent?:my bvlgari cologne

    Body Part?:Butt

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:lips

    broken image

    Michael T., 33

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Dean Kamen. I mean the guy is making clean water all over the world with Slingshot. Modern day superhero.

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Archer

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Big Thanksgiving dinners with the family

    Animal?:Dragons. Obviously dragons are real.

    Quote?:Be the light unto the darkness and curse it not

    Obsession?:Music and adventures

    Curse Word?:Ahhhh shit

    Local Indulgence?:All the live music scenes

    CLE pastime:Exploring the area, finding something new everday.

    First Date Spot?:Hilarities. Start the night off with a laugh.

    Local Destination?:Anywhere outside!

    Place To Visit?:All of them, passport says it all

    Food/Meal?:Anything spicy

    Drink?:Anything whiskey

    Style of Clothing?:Casual


    President?:Abe Lincoln

    Radio Station?:Spotify

    Movie?:Step Brothers

    TV Show?:What's TV

    Commercial?:Geico commercial with the secret agent

    Celebrity Crush?:Megan Fox

    Book/Author?:Cliche, but good, The Alchemist

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:The Revivalists - Keep Going




    Theme Park?:Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?:Hiking, kayaking, or cycling

    Inside Activity?:Home improvement things


    Gift to Receive?:Something personal and made

    Pick Up Line?:A cute smile and "Hello"

    Trait?:Humor, compassion, and honesty

    Sound?:Give me some bass!


    Body Part?:Her or me? B and B???

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:Lips

    broken image

    Phil, 26

    What's Your Favorite?...


    Color?:Light Blue

    Super Hero?:Batman

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Pokemon

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Hanging out with Friends and Family...

    Accomplishment?:Playing professional Soccer


    Quote?:"Have fun and be happy", it's not really a quote but it's how I try to live.

    Obsession?:Playing Soccer

    Curse Word?:Fuck

    Local Indulgence?:Girls

    CLE pastime:I'm from Pittsburgh.

    First Date Spot?:Buca di Bepo...any Italian Restaurant.

    Local Destination?:Cedar Point

    Place To Visit?:Places I've been or where I want to go? I've been to Vegas. I want to go to Italy.


    Drink?:Red Bull + Vodka

    Style of Clothing?:Shirt and Tie



    Radio Station?:Spotify - Calvin Harris Radio


    TV Show?:Game of Thrones

    Commercial?:Any Guy Code ones...the alligator one is pretty funny

    Celebrity Crush?:Bar Rafaeli

    Book/Author?:I Think Therefore I Play by Andrea Pirlo

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:EDM or Rap




    Theme Park?:Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?:Soccer

    Inside Activity?:Making homemade wine

    Holiday?:4th of July

    Gift to Receive?:Friendship

    Pick Up Line?:Let's dance!



    Scent?:Good Food

    Body Part?:Butt

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:Lips

    broken image

    Sumedh, 21

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Deadpool

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Samurai Jack

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Learning Santa was my Dad

    Accomplishment?:Re-learning to use my left leg after injury


    Quote?:Fear Fear


    Curse Word?:Fuck

    Local Indulgence?:Barley House

    CLE pastime:Playing soccer

    First Date Spot?:Theme Park/Carnival

    Local Destination?:Barley House

    Place To Visit?:Dubai


    Drink?:Anything Whisky

    Style of Clothing?:Casual/Extremely Dressed (no in between)


    President?:Bill Clinton

    Radio Station?:Spotify

    Movie?:The Lion King

    TV Show?:Game of thrones (currently)

    Commercial?:Old Spice

    Celebrity Crush?:Nina Dobrev

    Book/Author?:City of Thieves / David Benioff

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Trophies - Drake




    Theme Park?:Hershey Park

    Outside Activity?:Camping

    Inside Activity?:Sleeping

    Holiday?:Mother's Day

    Gift to Receive?:Ferrero Rocher

    Pick Up Line?:Do you work at Dick's? Cause you're sporting the goods

    Trait?:Good Humor



    Body Part?:Eyes

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:You'll find out after the date

    broken image

    Tony, 31

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Tone Bone
    Color?: Cerulean Blue
    Super Hero?: Batman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Marvin The Martian
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Wrestling with my dad and brothers in the living room before breakfast on Sunday mornings
    Accomplishment?: Being the first in my family to graduate from college and find a job in my field of study before graduation
    Animal?: lion
    Quote?: "Life beats down and burdens the soul, the Arts remind us that we have one" -Stella Adler
    Obsession?: Being Entertained, I cannot stand being bored. That doesn't mean always going out, reading, binge watching on Netflix, or going out and hitting the town.
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: Melt
    CLE pastime: Cleveland Sports
    First Date Spot?: Any restaurant where you build your own meal, something like Barrio, you learn a lot about a person on how they build their own meal.
    Local Destination?: Lake Erie and all of it's attractions
    Place To Visit?: Asheville, North Carolina
    Food/Meal?: My grandfathers recipe for Italian Sausage in the Sauce recipe my Great Grandparents brought with them from Italy
    Drink?: Whiskey and Ginger Ale or Scotch with four drops of water
    Style of Clothing?: Anything on Clearance
    Season?: Spring
    President?: Barack Obama
    Radio Station?: N'Sync Pandora Station or a comedy station
    Movie?: Road House
    TV Show?: Game of Thrones/Walking Dead
    Commercial?: The gum commercial where the dad keeps giving his daughter origami cranes made from the gum wrapper throughout her life. As he packs the car to sends her to college a shoebox falls and its all the cranes he's made her through the years. He gets misty, you get misty, everyone gets misty.
    Celebrity Crush?: Jennifer Lawrence
    Book/Author?: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: "All I Know" Art Garfunkel
    App?: Facebook/Buzzfeed
    Hashtag?: #productionlife
    Game?: football
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Tailgating
    Inside Activity?: Tie between cooking/having a drink and playing darts
    Holiday?: 4th of July
    Gift to Receive?: Handmade goods
    Pick Up Line?: "Excuse me, do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the Ice, hi I'm Tony!"
    Trait?: Honesty, directness
    Sound?: Searing, Chopping, the sound of cooking
    Scent?: Anything Clean, Light and airy, or citrus
    Body Part?: Depends on the person, but usually eyes or hair
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Ear and neck,

    broken image

    Will, 26

    What's Your Favorite?...



    Super Hero?:Captain America

    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?:Loony Toons

    Memory From Your Childhood?:Seeing the Grand Canyon

    Accomplishment?:Becoming a fireman


    Quote?:Fake it till you make it


    Curse Word?:Ass

    Local Indulgence?:Brats from westside market

    CLE pastime:Tailgating browns games

    First Date Spot?:Art museum

    Local Destination?:Around the Corner

    Place To Visit?:Metro parks


    Drink?:Summer Shandy

    Style of Clothing?:Flannels



    Radio Station?:99.5

    Movie?:Big Lebowski

    TV Show?:Futurama

    Commercial?:Beer commercials

    Celebrity Crush?:Zooey Deschanel

    Book/Author?:J. R. Tolkien

    Song/Artist/Music Genre?:Everlong by Foo Fighters




    Theme Park?:Cedar Point

    Outside Activity?:Kayaking

    Inside Activity?:Drinking


    Gift to Receive?:Cold hard cash

    Pick Up Line?:So what pick up line haven't you been told tonight?

    Trait?:Good laugh



    Body Part?:The booty

    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?:Neck