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    We are now accepting applications for 2017! Interested in supporting the cause by becoming a Bachelor?

  • Why Become A 2016 Bachelor?

    Why? Why Not?!

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    Bachelor Benefits

    • Opportunity to meet and mingle with over 350 fabulous singles! 
    • Help raise money for a great cause 
    • Enjoy a fun date with the winning bidder
    • Other local media coverage before, during and after the event
    • Organization and Event Websites will include a link to your company website
    • Bachelor's will receive complimentary drinks, food and music in one of Cleveland’s most fun charity events
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    Bachelor Testimonials

    "Everybody wants love; everybody wants companionship

    and that's what makes this event so simple but so genius."
    - Matt


    "Love is not an option. Death, taxes, and love.

    It's something we all just got to suck it up and pay"
    - Thomas


    We are now accepting applications for 2017! Interested in supporting the cause by becoming a Bachelor or Bachelorette?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions...

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    Is there an age limit?

    We ask that all participating bachelors be between the ages of 25-50


    Define Single?

    If you have to ask for permission to participate or are "seeing" someone on a regular basis...you, sir, are not single. While we appreciate your volunteerism - please join us instead as an attendee, enjoy the open bar...we promise you will still have a good time for a great cause!


    This event is in June...what if I get un-single? or Swine flu?

    Okay...now we cannot predict who will get back together with their ex-girlfriend or have an allergic reaction to something the day of the event. (yes - this happened in 2013!) All we ask is that you are honest with us at the time of your application. If you just broke up with your girlfriend and can see a make up session in your future...please don't. Our Bachelors are wonderful guys...truly beautiful men inside and out. Some have met women that they made real connections with, others have a great story to tell! (Anthony Lima took his date to a Backstreet Boys concert - nuff said!) All were men I would set my best girlfriends up with (Girl Code For: Five-Star Gentlemen!) So you make the judgement call. If you are physically & emotionally healthy, if you are single for the foreseeable future, outgoing and want to have a fun and unique dating experience, then make a date to change a life....become a Have A Heart Bachelor.


    What should I wear?

    Business attire. A well tailored suit to a woman is like lingerie to a man. Fact. You're welcome.


    What should I plan for my "date package"? Who pays?

    Plan a date that reflects you and your personality. Something that she wouldn't normally do for herself. To some, this is a day at the ballpark, a concert, a nice dinner, a night at Hilarities...try to make it something she wouldn't normally do for herself. Oh - and the lady never pays for the first date. But it is tax-deductible. ;-)


    Umm...entrance song?

    Haha! Yeah! From "Pour Some Sugar On Me" to "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy" every man has a song that brings out his inner John Travolta and makes him strut! If you can't think of anything or just want to leave it to the pros, our DJ will be happy to hand-pick a song just for you!