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  • Meet The 2017 hAVE A HEART Bachelors!

    Bachelor #1

    Alex, 25

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Condor or Al
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: The Incredible Hulk
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Peter Griffin
    Memory From Your Childhood?: April Fooling my dad...on accident.
    Accomplishment?: Becoming an Intervention Specialist
    Animal?: Rhinoceros
    Quote?: The truth is hard to swallow when you're choking on you're pride.
    Obsession?: Anything Nintendo!
    Curse Word?: Bastard
    CLE pastime: St. Patty's Day
    First Date Spot?: Little Italy
    Local Destination?: Science Center
    Place To Visit?: So far? Baltimore
    Food/Meal?: BBQ Chicken
    Drink?: Rum and Dr. Pepper
    Style of Clothing?: Shorts/Jeans, a snug tank top, and flip flops
    Season?: Fall
    President?: Teddy Roosevelt
    Radio Station?: 100.7 (Rover's Morning Glory)
    Commercial?: Mr. Sketch farting blueberry
    Celebrity Crush?: Emma Watson
    Book/Author?: J.R.R. Tolkein
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Meat Loaf
    App?: Music
    Game?: Super Smash Bros.
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Bonfire and Cigars
    Inside Activity?: Gaming with friends
    Holiday?: Halloween
    Trait?: Passion
    Scent?: Cinnamon
    Body Part?: Eyes
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Neck

    Bachelor #2

    John S., 25

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Johnny
    Color?: Midnight Blue
    Accomplishment?: Getting an engineering degree
    Animal?: Otter
    Quote?: Michael Jordan plays basketball. Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everyone has talent.
    Obsession?: US History
    Curse Word?: Scheisse
    Local Indulgence?: Beer
    Place To Visit?: Family cottage in Canada
    Movie?: Wall-E, Interstellar
    TV Show?: Parks and Rec
    Book/Author?: Agatha Christie
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor
    Outside Activity?: Playing sports, campfires
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: On the face

    Bachelor #3

    Joe, 37

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Color?: Red
    Super Hero?: Wolverine
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Thunder Cats
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Camping with my family
    Accomplishment?: My job as a Chief Investigator for the APL.
    Animal?: Dogs
    Quote?: In a world that couldn't care less be a person who couldn't care more
    Obsession?: Riding my motorcycle
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: Metroparks
    CLE pastime: Walking the rocks on Edgewater
    First Date Spot?: A quiet, not famous restaurant. Somewhere we can talk.
    Local Destination?: A Patio, A Beer & A Band.
    Place To Visit?: South Carolina
    Food/Meal?: Pizza
    Drink?: Chocolate Milk
    Style of Clothing?: workout clothes
    Season?: fall
    President?: Clinton
    Radio Station?: Spotify
    Movie?: Impossible to pick just one
    TV Show?: Penny Dreadful
    Celebrity Crush?: Shannon Doherty
    Book/Author?: Ari Salvatore or Robert Jordan
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Depends on my mood
    App?: Snapchat
    Game?: Football
    Theme Park?: The Zoo
    Outside Activity?: Walking my dog
    Inside Activity?: Working Out
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Smile
    Pick Up Line?: I don't have any
    Trait?: Loyalty
    Sound?: My dog barking
    Scent?: Lilacs
    Body Part?: Butt
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Neck

    Bachelor #4

    Amish, 38

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Meesh
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Tie between Superman and Batman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Smurfs
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Going to Huntington Beach with my family
    Accomplishment?: Getting into USC for grad school
    Animal?: Monkey
    Quote?: "Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." -Jim Carey
    Obsession?: Netflix
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: Rocky River Brewing Company
    CLE pastime: Tailgateing for Browns games
    First Date Spot?: Somewhere that has a great view with a good bottle of wine.
    Local Destination?: Progressive Field

    Place To Visit?: Anywhere in the Carribean
    Food/Meal?: Pizza
    Drink?: Non-alcoholic: Sprite, Alcoholic: Tito's and Soda
    Style of Clothing?: Casual to Business Casual, but I'm not afraid to dress up in a suit or a tux. I clean up well. :-)

    Season?: Fall
    President?: Abraham Lincoln
    Radio Station?: Channel surfing on Sirus XM
    Movie?: Top Gun and Draft Day
    TV Show?: NCIS and NCIS New Orleans
    Commercial?: Anything that I can skip
    Celebrity Crush?: Jessica Biel
    Book/Author?: Anything by Robin Cook
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: "The theme song for my life would be: "The Anthem" by Good Charolette
    Hashtag?: #dontbelievemejustwatch
    Game?: Baseball/Golf/Football/Hockey
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Golf or walking in the metroparks in the fall when the leaves are changing colors
    Inside Activity?: Cooking
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Anything that is thoughtful & has meaning behind it
    Pick Up Line?: "Hi, I'm Amish, like the people."
    Trait?: Honesty
    Sound?: I plead the fifth :-)
    Scent?: Backyard cookout on the grill
    Body Part?: Eyes and Smile
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Side of the neck

    Bachelor #5

    Mitch, 24

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Mitchy The Kid
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Captain America
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Roadrunner
    Memory From Your Childhood?: The last year living in my hometown
    Animal?: Puffin
    Quote?: "Big gulps, huh?"
    Obsession?: Golf
    Curse Word?: Dammit
    Local Indulgence?: Barrio
    First Date Spot?: A game at the Jake (Yes it is still called the Jake)
    Local Destination?: Canterbury
    Place To Visit?: My grandparent's farm in Buffalo
    Food/Meal?: Prime Rib
    Drink?: Coffee. Unless I'm hungover. In that case I'll take a Bloody Mary.
    Style of Clothing?: Baseball Hat and jeans or a tailored suit.
    Season?: Any season but winter.
    Radio Station?: Soundcloud or Spotify
    Movie?: Interstellar
    TV Show?: Desperate Housewives. Absolutely kidding. Breaking Bad for sure.
    Commercial?: Anything from FarmersOnly.com
    Celebrity Crush?: Emma Watson
    Book/Author?: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: I'll Be by Edwin McCain. Always have to belt this song out when it comes on.
    App?: Any app that helps me find new music.
    Hashtag?: #BillsMafia
    Game?: Golf, Basketball, or any bar game.
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Day Drinking and cornhole
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Vinyls
    Pick Up Line?: "You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains? I think we only use 10 percent of our hearts."
    Trait?: Very Approachable
    Sound?: The Ocean
    Scent?: Barbecue
    Body Part?: Eyes

    Bachelor #6

    KC, 26

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: KC
    Color?: Blue
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Hitting a game winning grand slam
    Accomplishment?: Graduating college
    Animal?: Dog
    Obsession?: Music
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: The Player's Club
    CLE pastime: The '95 World Series
    Local Destination?: Lake Erie
    Place To Visit?: Myrtle Beach
    Food/Meal?: Pizza or Steak
    Drink?: Either Coca Cola or Crown & Coke
    Style of Clothing?: Express
    Season?: Fall
    Radio Station?: 96.5 or 107.9
    Movie?: The Sandlot
    TV Show?: Big Bang Theory
    Commercial?: The Budweiser commercial
    Celebrity Crush?: Mila Kunis
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Hip Hop & R&B
    App?: Facebook
    Hashtag?: I don't do that
    Game?: Baseball, Basketball & Golf
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Going to the beach or hiking
    Inside Activity?: Basketball
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Clothes - I don't shop for myself too often
    Pick Up Line?: "How yooou doin'" (Like Joey from 'Friends')
    Trait?: Hardworking
    Sound?: A good song that I like
    Scent?: Perfume
    Body Part?: Eyes
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Lips

    Bachelor #7

    Paul, 34

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: The Mayor (of Little Italy)
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Batman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Archer
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Summers in the pool with my brothers
    Accomplishment?: My current role at IBM
    Animal?: Cat
    Quote?: The best way to predict the future is to invent it. - Alan Kay
    Obsession?: Italian food
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    CLE pastime: Outdoor dining in Little Italy
    First Date Spot?: Maxi's in Little Italy
    Local Destination?: The Q during the playoffs
    Place To Visit?: Paris
    Food/Meal?: pasta / any Italian dish
    Drink?: Bourbon whiskey
    Style of Clothing?: well tailored suit
    Season?: Fall
    President?: Lincoln
    Radio Station?: Sirius XM 80s on 8
    Movie?: Back to the Future
    Celebrity Crush?: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Book/Author?: John Grisham
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Don't Stop Believing
    App?: Snapchat
    Hashtag?: #hashtag
    Game?: football
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Sipping on a cold drink on a patio
    Inside Activity?: Reading
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Something meaningful
    Pick Up Line?: Hey, I'm Paul. No cheesy lines here.
    Trait?: willingness to travel to new places
    Scent?: Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy
    Body Part?: Eyes
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: On my patio on a warm evening

    Bachelor #8

    Peter, 30

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: SweetoPeto
    Color?: Black
    Super Hero?: Batman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Peter Griffin
    Memory From Your Childhood?: My first kiss
    Accomplishment?: First attorney in my family line
    Animal?: Siberian Husky
    Quote?: Look at the number zero and you see nothing, look through it, and you see the world
    Obsession?: Health and wellness
    Curse Word?: C*ntpocket (I made it up)
    Local Indulgence?: East coast custard
    CLE pastime: Comedy shows at Hilarities
    First Date Spot?: Veign's Bistro
    Local Destination?: Crocker Park
    Place To Visit?: LA
    Food/Meal?: Peanut butter fudge brownies
    Drink?: Moscato
    Style of Clothing?: European Style
    Season?: Fall
    President?: Bill Clinton
    Radio Station?: Usher radio on Pandora
    Movie?: Dark Knight
    TV Show?: Friends
    Commercial?: Anything with Peyton Manning
    Celebrity Crush?: Jennifer Aniston
    Book/Author?: The Happiness Equation
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Confessions
    App?: Bumble
    Hashtag?: #RollWithTheWinners
    Game?: Basketball
    Theme Park?: Universal Studios
    Outside Activity?: Hiking
    Inside Activity?: Meditation
    Holiday?: X-Mas
    Gift to Receive?: Kobe Bryant autographed ball
    Pick Up Line?: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'd go out with me, if I were you.
    Trait?: My hair
    Sound?: Meditation zing
    Scent?: Lavender
    Body Part?: Butt
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Edgewater

    Bachelor #9

    Rick, 36

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Ricky
    Color?: Scarlet
    Super Hero?: Incredible Hulk
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Thundercats
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Living in upstate New York
    Accomplishment?: Becoming an entrepreneur
    Animal?: Lion
    Quote?: Gentlemen, we are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect. But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.
    Obsession?: Million Dollar Listing
    Curse Word?: The F word... who doesn't love that word?
    Local Indulgence?: Mimosa's at Azzure on a hot summer day
    CLE pastime: Being out on the lake
    First Date Spot?: God... can anyone remember that long ago?
    Local Destination?: Townhall
    Place To Visit?: South Beach
    Food/Meal?: Italian or Greek
    Drink?: Stiff Manhattan
    Style of Clothing?: Tailor made anything (built like a football player)
    Season?: Summer
    President?: John F Kennedy
    Radio Station?: Pitbul's Siruis radio
    Movie?: Wolf of wallstreet
    TV Show?: Flipping Out
    Commercial?: This is an odd question... I can't think of one
    Celebrity Crush?: Margot Robbie
    Book/Author?: The Great Gatsby
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Green Day
    App?: Pandora
    Hashtag?: #LionHeart
    Game?: Basketball
    Theme Park?: Cedar point
    Outside Activity?: Golf
    Inside Activity?: Basketball
    Holiday?: Christmas... I literally play Christmas music year round if I'm having a bad day
    Gift to Receive?: Dating someone who wants a family
    Pick Up Line?: Mehhh... Too cliche. I like winging it
    Trait?: Being tall
    Sound?: As I read this I thought of the Tim the tool man taylor grunt
    Scent?: Prada
    Body Part?: How honest can we be?
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: .....

    Bachelor #10

    John, 42

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Burg
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Hulk
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Regular Show
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Sports
    Accomplishment?: Being a Dad
    Animal?: Bear
    Quote?: When it's too tough for them it's just right for us
    Obsession?: Working out
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: Pizza
    CLE pastime: Tribe Game
    First Date Spot?: Sports Bar
    Place To Visit?: Vegas
    Food/Meal?: Steak
    Drink?: Budweiser
    Style of Clothing?: Athletic
    Season?: Summer
    President?: Reagan
    Radio Station?: Spotify
    Movie?: Young Guns
    TV Show?: Sportscenter
    Commercial?: Coke with Polar Beers
    Celebrity Crush?: Brooke Hogan
    Book/Author?: Not a big reader
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Thunderstruck/ACDC
    App?: Uber
    Hashtag?: winning
    Game?: Football
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Patio Drinking
    Inside Activity?: Watching football
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Anything Seahawks
    Pick Up Line?: Hi what's your name
    Trait?: Positivity
    Sound?: My horn
    Scent?: Oranges
    Body Part?: Butt
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Lips

    Bachelor #11

    Stefan, 40

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Stef
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Superman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Archer
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Skateboarding with my brother
    Accomplishment?: Becoming a Firefighter
    Animal?: Australian Shepherd
    Quote?: To thine own self be true
    Obsession?: The gym
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: Wasabi
    First Date Spot?: Cleveland Improv
    Local Destination?: Metroparks
    Place To Visit?: Ft.Walton Beach
    Food/Meal?: Steak
    Drink?: Pepsi
    Style of Clothing?: Casual
    Season?: Fall
    TV Show?: NCIS
    Commercial?: I'm pushing it, I'm pushing it real good
    Celebrity Crush?: Jennifer Anniston
    Book/Author?: The Bible
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Keep it moving baby keep it moving uh
    Game?: Monopoly

    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Hiking
    Inside Activity?: Cuddling
    Holiday?: Christmas
    Gift to Receive?: Respect

    Trait?: Eyes
    Sound?: Baby laughing
    Scent?: Freshly cut grass
    Body Part?: Butt
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Back of my neck and chest

    Bachelor #12

    Jon, 29

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: JKo
    Color?: Blue
    Super Hero?: Whoever in the group agrees to be the designated driver
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: President Trump (he's playing a character, right?)
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Who Says I'm Not Still a Child?
    Accomplishment?: Taylor Swift has never said a bad word about me
    Animal?: Mickey Mouse
    Quote?: "I want to be Jon Kozesky when I grow up" - Abe Lincoln
    Obsession?: Happily holding your purse while you shop
    Curse Word?: Pittsburgh
    CLE pastime: Raffling Myself for Charity
    First Date Spot?: CLE Have a Heart Raffle
    Local Destination?: Cleveland's Infamous Factory of Sadness (Browns Stadium)
    Food/Meal?: Anything you happen to cook, of course
    Drink?: The Kind with Alcohol
    Style of Clothing?: Any outfit you try on & ask for my opinion of
    Season?: Baseball
    President?: Jed Barlett, The West Wing
    Radio Station?: Let's be honest, you're going to control the radio in the car
    Movie?: Whichever one my ex chose not to talk through
    TV Show?: I'm contractually obligated here to say, "The Bachelor"
    Commercial?: Any one I still have a "skip" for on Pandora
    Celebrity Crush?: Anna Kendrick & I may run off together before you and I go on our date
    Book/Author?: Is it a sin if I don't say Jesus?
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Any song after 11pm on a Saturday
    Hashtag?: #TheMoreYouKnow
    Game?: Taking a shot every time the Browns fumble
    Outside Activity?: Sailing
    Inside Activity?: Thinking about Sailing
    Holiday?: Lexus December to Remember
    Gift to Receive?: A text instead of a voicemail
    Pick Up Line?: You look a lot like my future ex-wife
    Sound?: Getting someone's voicemail
    Scent?: Coffee, anytime of day
    Body Part?: Whichever you're feeling self-conscious about
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Our Wedding

    Bachelor #13

    Ryan, 25

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: T-Bone
    Color?: Red
    Super Hero?: Captain America
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Going to the movies with my grandma
    Accomplishment?: Dunking on a 8ft rim
    Animal?: Hedgehog
    Quote?: Elaine, breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can’t do it in one push; you gotta rock it back and forth a few times and then it goes over.
    Obsession?: Cracking open a cold one with the boys
    Curse Word?: Fuck
    Local Indulgence?: Ohio City Burrito
    CLE pastime: St Patty's Day Parade
    Local Destination?: The Muni Lot
    Place To Visit?: Las Vegas
    Food/Meal?: Pizza and Wings
    Drink?: Gin and Tonic
    Style of Clothing?: Casual
    Season?: Fall
    Radio Station?: Spotify
    Movie?: Gladiator
    TV Show?: Seinfeld
    Commercial?: Coors Light Twins
    Celebrity Crush?: Halle Berry
    Book/Author?: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Hotel California
    App?: GroupMe
    Hashtag?: MAGA
    Game?: Golf
    Theme Park?: Cedar Point
    Outside Activity?: Drinking
    Inside Activity?: Drinking
    Holiday?: Fourth of July
    Gift to Receive?: Cash
    Pick Up Line?: So how about this weather
    Trait?: Eyes
    Sound?: The click of a pen
    Scent?: Mint

    Bachelor #14

    AJ, 36

    What's Your Favorite?...

    Nickname?: Juice
    Color?: Red
    Super Hero?: Batman
    Cartoon/Cartoon Figure?: GI Joe
    Memory From Your Childhood?: Hanging out with neighbors (best friends to this day)
    Accomplishment?: Bachelor's degree in Engineering from OSU
    Animal?: Dog
    Quote?: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Wayne Gretzky
    Obsession?: Sports
    Curse Word?: Sheet
    Local Indulgence?: Pirogies
    CLE pastime: Tribe games
    First Date Spot?: Local bar
    Local Destination?: Edgewater / Whiskey Island
    Place To Visit?: Naples, FL
    Food/Meal?: Italian
    Drink?: Craft beer
    Style of Clothing?: Business casual
    Season?: Summer
    President?: JFK
    Radio Station?: XM
    Movie?: Major League
    TV Show?: Mad Money
    Commercial?: Nike (Uncle Drew)
    Celebrity Crush?: Megan Fox
    Book/Author?: Steve Jobs
    Song/Artist/Music Genre?: Hip hop / Top 40
    App?: ESPN
    Hashtag?: #IDontDoHashtags
    Game?: Baseball
    Theme Park?: Geauga Lake
    Outside Activity?: Running
    Inside Activity?: Rocking on my Lazy Boy
    Holiday?: Halloween
    Gift to Receive?: Money (enjoy investing)
    Pick Up Line?: What's your name?
    Trait?: Loyalty
    Sound?: Waterfalls
    Scent?: Linen
    Body Part?: Eyes
    Place To (Be) Kiss(ed)?: Lips


    *This event will be held rain or shine. All orders are final & 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE; no refunds. Must be 21+ to attend.